Annie Life-size Dog bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer


the Railroad Dog

Limited Edition Bronze of 20

11.75"H x 4.5"D x 9.5"W

Freestanding (may be based if desired)

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Annie is a historical dog who lived in Fort Collins, CO from 1934 to 1948 just after the Depression, during the dust bowl era and through WWII. She had been a pregnant stray found by some big hearted railroad men who took her back to the depot and fed her and found homes for her puppies. Annie was so appreciative she just stayed on at the railroad depot and was the greeter to those coming and going. She reluctantly said goodbye to boys leaving for war and licked the tears from their faces. At age 14 when arthritis became unbearable those big-hearted railroad men had Annie put to sleep and Fort Collins mourned. What a joy is was to portray the heart of Annie in bronze. Annie was permanently installed at the Fort Collins Public Library in August of 1998.

Photo credits: Tom E. Weimer, Jafe T. Parsons

Dawn Weimer "Touching the Spirit"

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Dawn Weimer Studios offers only lost wax bronze sculpture cast with the utmost care and integrity at Art Castings of Colorado in Loveland, Colorado, ("Sculptureville,USA!"). As each different sculpture edition of Dawn's sells out, a letter is sent to every collector of that bronze piece stating that this particular edition/size is sold out... Enclosed with the letter is a small piece cut from my original mold which further verifies that this particular edition/size will not be produced again. Should you ever come across a sculpture you feel is suspicious of being a imitation of one of my pieces, please contact me so I can look into the matter of possible violation of copyright.

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