CSU Rams - Rocky Mountain Rumble - Colorado State University Monumental Bronze Sculpture

Dawn Weimer, Sculptor - Tom Weimer, Business Manager

Rocky Mountain Rumble

Rocky Mountain Rumble by Dawn Weimer bronze sculptor of monuments


Remember that YOU may own one of the bronze tablesize replicas of this Monument IF YOU act quickly before they are sold out...all signed by Dawn Weimer and very limited in number (2 of main tablesizes are almost sold out already!). Also keep in mind that the closer we get to the installation of the Monument the FASTER these tablesize pieces will sell!

Pic of peculiar way of installation of "Rocky Mountain Rumble" the 21ft long x 7ft h Bronze Monument which will be installed in 3 years at NEW football stadium on campus.

CSU Go Rams Dawn Weimer Bronze Monument Rocky Mountain Rumble

Monumental bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

Limited edition of 5 - various table-top versions also available

Tom Weimer pictured with monumental bronze Rocky Mountain Rumble by Dawn Weimer

"Rocky Mountain Rumble" Monument

Designed to be elevated onto 2 pedestals up however far you desire! Reinforced with STAINLESS STEEL within the piece right thru legs and under it! 21 ft long x 7 ft H weighs 2100 lbs - Edition of only 5 with 4 available (Pedestals are NOT included)

Order Your's before it is SOLD out! What an entrance to a Ranch or Ranchette estated home!!

This project will also raise a minimum of $50,000 for scholarships for athletes to attend the College of Business.

Payment via Wire Transfer OR Check(minimum 7 days wait before delivered/shipped)

Please allow 3-5 months for a table-size bronze to go through Art Castings of Colorado foundry in Loveland, CO before delivery. Larger bronzes may take 2-4 times longer! YOU are always welcome to visit the foundry/studio in Loveland.

ALL ORDERS WITH minimum 50% deposit, balance upon completion/delivery. Packing/shipping FREE within continental US & Alaska. Applicable taxes will be added. Order confirmation via internet available upon receipt of funds and/or thru Snail Mail.

Disclaimer: ABSOLUTELY NO MONIES from the sales of these bronzes will go to the New football stadium!

GO RAMS !!!!!

Dawn Weimer "Touching the Spirit"

Contact Tom to inquire about or purchase any of Dawn's bronze sculpture creations. "Touching the Spirit" goes a long way in describing her fine work. Dawn's work is expensive because the collector pieces are Always 'poured' in bronze, never inexpensive substitutes, plus Dawn is well known across the country, already having over 48 permanent Public installations including 1 in the Smithsonian! If you have to ask how much her bronze sculptures are, YOU CANNOT afford them! See Sculptsite.com (maps) to view all her Publicly installed Bronzes so far. Dawn's sold out work ALREADY has brought as much as 6+ times the original release price on the Secondary Market (from one collector to another).

Dawn Weimer Studios offers only lost wax bronze sculpture cast with the utmost care and integrity at Art Castings of Colorado in Loveland, Colorado, ("Sculptureville,USA!"). As each different sculpture edition of Dawn's sells out, a letter is sent to every collector of that bronze piece stating that this particular edition/size is sold out... Enclosed with the letter is a small piece cut from my original mold which further verifies that this particular edition/size will not be produced again. Should you ever come across a sculpture you feel is suspicious of being a imitation of one of my pieces, please contact me so I can look into the matter of possible violation of copyright.