Peter, Paul & Mama

Peter, Paul & Mama a Life-size Rabbit Sculpture in bronze by Dawn Weimer

Peter, Paul & Mama


Limited Edition Bronze of 20

13.5"H x 7"W x 8"D

Freestanding (may be based if desired)

(3 left in edtion)

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Mama has a watchful eye while youngsters cautiously stay in close on their first outing into this great big world. Having nesting cottontails bouncing about in our yard gives me instant reference material that is a joy to watch. This piece is suitable for an intimate garden setting outdoors as well as a surprise greeting to visitors in your home.

Dawn Weimer "Touching the Spirit"

Contact Tom to inquire about or purchase any of her fine bronze sculpture creations. "Touching the Spirit" goes a long way in describing her fine work. Always in bronze, never inexpensive substitutes. You may place orders through e-mail or telephone. We accept Cash, Checks or Wire Transfer (contact for instructions).