Wild Animal Sanctuary in conjunction with Dawn Weimer Studios

In HONOR OF my late wife Dawn Weimer, Bronze Sculptor, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary for what they are doing
for discarded and needy Wild Animals taken in from all over the world !!

No Free Lunch a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

Home Alone a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

Full Throttle a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

Tamu a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

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This is YOUR opportunity to Help Support The Wild Animal Sanctuary (registered Charity) just east of Denver, CO AND Beautify their Sanctuary facilities by purchasing/sponsoring 1 or more of the 18 chosen by the Sanctuary of Lifesize/Monumental Wild Animal Bronze sculptures by nationally known Sculptor Dawn Weimer (your name will be placed on Sponsor plaques under each Sculpture). By your purchase of these magnificent Bronze sculptures which will be placed all over the more than 700 acre 'campus' you will be complimenting the majesty of more than 450 wild animals which have been given a home to live out the rest of their lives in total care, safety and some semblance of freedom! Teddy Roosevelt is quoted as saying: "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care". I am sure you would agree that Animals are OUR responsibility! There are many such "sanctuarys" all around the world BUT when you check out THIS ONE you will find THE most unusual animal sanctuary in the whole world...NOTHING LIKE IT!!! wildanimalsanctuary.org Tour for over a mile the whole 'campus' 40 ft above the animals even if in a wheelchair and the animals don't mind at all!

Make My Day a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

Mobile Home a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

Travelin' a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

Wolf Mates a bronze sculpture by Dawn Weimer

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Ask for latest Free Wild Animal Sanctuary quarterly magazine to get a sense of what this place is about then check it out!

This Sanctuary is truly a National Treasure, if not an International treasure, located in the state of Colorado very close to Denver International Airport & take Interstate 76 just 40 minutes NE of Denver, CO (exit at Hudson and take State of Colorado Highway 52 east about 5 miles) to LARGE SIGN on side of a truck next to the road, then south 2 miles. Hit contact on DawnWeimer.com to visit with Tom (Dawn's husband--Dawn died Feb 20, 2017) or Call Tom at 970-222-3994 or Susan at 970-218-5257 about receiving an information packet (emailed or snail mail) showing the entire project with sizes and prices of each one . If you want, contact Pat Craig owner/manager (37 years caring for wild animals taken in from ALL over the world): 303-536-0118 or email him at information@wildlife-sanctuary.org

Oh, and your BONUS for your sponsorship of these Bronze sculptures is that you will receive ANOTHER of the same bronze sculpture FREE including packing/shipping to anywhere within the Continental US and Alaska!! The Wild Animal Sanctuary will also receive $400,000 in CASH from the sale of all 18 bronze sculptures. After all, they need cash for daily operation of this magnificent facility!

Sculpting 'thoughts' by the late Dawn Weimer

In the past, my husband and I raised registered Quarter Horses for many years. We don't have horses now and I miss them; Shows Promise pulls my heart strings...it is my favorite work. It reflects the tenderness and patience of the mare, and the colt's carefree attitude as he throws that sassy little nose in the air. Sculpting them allowed me to relive special moments with our horses. So much so in fact, that as I worked in close on the colt, I swore I felt the mare's breath on my cheek. Of course, that had to be just artistic imagination working overtime added to a lot of wishful thinking! This piece is somewhat stylized while still being realistic. I have done two patinas in this edition, gray dapple and bay.

Dawn Weimer Studios offers only lost wax bronze sculpture cast with the utmost care and integrity at Art Castings of Colorado in Loveland, Colorado, ("Sculptureville,USA!"). As each different sculpture edition of Dawn's sells out, a letter is sent to every collector of that bronze piece stating that this particular edition/size is sold out... Enclosed with the letter is a small piece cut from my original mold which further verifies that this particular edition/size will not be produced again. Should you ever come across a sculpture you feel is suspicious of being a imitation of one of my pieces, please contact me so I can look into the matter of possible violation of copyright.

Virtually any bronze can (because of the NEW 3-D technology) NOW be made a larger Table-size or even larger lifesize and/or monumental... Look for announcements of NEW enlargements of several of Dawn's bronze sculptures soon! Inquiries for all these various sizes are welcome.